Elistair designs automated tethered drones offering extended flight times, increased safety and secured high-speed data transfer. With systems deployed over fifty countries since 2014, Elistair has quickly become a leader in the tethered drone field for the military, emergency services and private security actors. The Company has won several prizes and competitions in France and San Francisco and received the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovator Award in 2016.

Orion – Persistent Drone
ORION is an automated, powerful and highly portable tethered drone system.  Designed for continuous aerial day and night surveillance over extended time periods and large areas, it is perfectly adapted for demanding law enforcement, private security, public safety missions and military uses.

Safe-T - Smart Tethered Station for Drones
Safe-T is a smart tethered station for UAVs. Compatible with the widest range drones on the market it has been successfully deployed by government bodies and industrial companies over 5 continents for real-time semi-persistent observation and surveillance missions.

Ligh-T - Rugged Tethered Station for Drones
Ligh-T is a compact and robust tethered station for drones. Built as a rugged and mobile solution based on Elistair patented micro-tether it is perfect to enlarge your drone potential with unlimited autonomy and increased safety.