Excelerate specialise in providing resilient communications for critical environments on-board rapid response vehicles, command & control units or in a portable solution – supporting interoperability, resilience and multi-agency collaboration.
Through innovative, user focused solutions we enable our customers the ease, freedom and security to rapidly deploy resilient and reliable communications, wherever and whenever needed – without reliance on normal terrestrial networks.

With a hybrid approach to connectivity, through the use of both cellular and satellite networks, responders can now experience seamless communications on-the-move whatever their environment. As responders adopt a more digital way of working and with a need for devices that can be used on the move, this blend of cellular and satellite ensures all operational assets are connected and fit for purpose.
We work closely with customers to design and integrate solutions that can not only support interoperability between existing and emerging technologies, but can also create a foundation and common operational platform that supports future development within any operational environment. As a result, Excelerate are the trusted partner to deliver solutions to support Emergency Services, Government Organisations, Maritime Operations, the Oil & Gas Sector and National Infrastructure.