OpenWorks Engineering

OpenWorks Engineering is a hi-tech product company developing world leading security and counter terrorism products. The company has developed an award winning and innovative drone capture system, named SkyWall. The system offers government authorities and private security organisations the capability to protect the public, VIPs, prisons and critical national infrastructure from the threats posed by commercially available drones.

SkyWall offers a cost effective, proportionate and physical response to the drone threat, allowing the operator to capture and bring down a drone to a controlled landing under parachute. Using a combination of a pneumatically powered launcher and an intelligent projectile, the concept embodies a simple principle: catch the target drone in a net. SkyWall has several inbuilt safety features to allow it’s use within a populated environment and does not require the use of any electronic counter measures.

The SkyWall product range is unique and offers drone security in portable and temporary or permanent installations. SkyWall100 is the handheld capture system that is already in use by authorities across the world. SkyWall300 is the automatic system that allows for remote operation.