Lord John Reid announcing the winners of the 2019 Counter Terror Awards


The winners of the second Counter Terror Awards have been announced at a ceremony in London.

The Awards, organised by PSI and supported by Security and Counter Terror Expo (SCTX), acknowledge excellence in the global fight against terrorism.

Organisations and Individuals from the UK and overseas were recognised in twenty categories for their contributions to reducing the threat of global terrorism.

The winners were announced by former Defence and Home Secretary Lord John Reid, who held seven cabinet positions between 1997 and 2010 under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Acts of terrorism are designed to influence an audience beyond the immediate victims, and have been used throughout history to strike fear into the population. The tragic and despicable events of the early 21st Century have forced the international community to act, with increasingly sophisticated strategies and technologies now employed by organisations throughout the world.

The awards are supported by Counter Terror Business, an online information source and digital magazine.

Security and Counter Terror Expo is taking place (March 5-6) at Olympia, London. The show is dedicated to helping national and international security professionals define strategies by providing them access to the expertise, knowledge, technologies and solutions required to protect nations in the face of an ever-evolving range of threats.

Private Sector Contribution to Counter Terrorism Award

sponsored by Attack Insurance
Recognising an organisation or individual in the Private sector whose efforts have furthered the understanding of terrorist activities and assisted in developing effective prevention strategies

Winner: Allan Burnett, Operations Director, SecuriGroup

Allan Burnett QPM joined SecuriGroup as Operations Director in 2010 following a distinguished 30-year policing career, having held positions as Assistant Chief Constable and ACPOS Coordinator of Counter-terrorism.  Allan has made notable contributions in counter-terrorism, shaping discussion surrounding the UK’s CONTEST strategy and improving communication links between the police and the private sector. A regular commentator in the national media, he was invited to inform the discussion immediately following recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester. Over the past twelve months, Allan has presented expert opinion and analysis to CBRE, Bupa, RBS, and IOSH. He continues to be a regular contributor to televised debates surrounding counter-terrorism issues pertinent to society’s current threat level.

Will Geddes, ICP Group
Marc Warner, CEO, Faculty

Public Sector Contribution to Counter Terrorism Award

sponsored by Townscape
Recognising an organisation or individual in the Public/Charity sector whose efforts have furthered the understanding of terrorist activities and assisted in developing effective prevention strategies

Winner: Chief Superintendent Keith Gilert, Senior Police Adviser, Defence Science and Research Laboratory

Keith Gilert is Dstl’s Senior Police Adviser in the Counter Terrorism and Security Division. After more than 30 years of distinguished service in the police service, Keith Gilert joined the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) when it was integrated with the Home Office’s Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST). His current role is centred on bringing a strategic perspective on science and technology to the police service and representing police service interests across a range of programmes and projects, helping to steer both policy and the effective use of resources. His is heavily involved in meetings held by the National Police Chiefs Council, the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the Police Superintendents Association and has considerable experience in delivering public safety operations and of the command of firearms incidents.

Colonel Manuel Navarrete, Head of the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC), Europol
Dr Karin von Hippel, Director General, RUSI

Terrorism Research Award

sponsored by Patriot One Technologies
Presented to an Academic Institution or Individual whose work has contributed to a better understanding of terrorist operations and ideologies

Winner: The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right - Tracking Neo Nazism through Music

Engagement with Nazi phraseology and symbology has been a notable element of fringe music movements in Europe since at least the 1980s, with a considerably active scene in Great Britain, Sweden and Norway. Research Fellow Bethan Johnson’s doctoral research examines the intellectual underpinnings of violent sub-state nationalisms.

Flemish Peace Institute - Project SAFTE
RUSI - Countering Lone-Actor Terrorism (CLAT)
University of Nottingham - Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism (CST)
Lancaster University - The Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST)
Sheffield Hallam University - CENTRIC
United Nations Security Council - Brian Johnson Thomas

Threat Detection Award

sponsored by Esoteric
This award recognises products which assist in the detection and disruption of terrorist threats to the UK and its interests.

Winner: FLIR Systems - Griffin G510

The FLIR Griffin™ G510 portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer can quickly identify chemical hazards at the site of interest. It complements presumptive detectors by enabling responders to analyse all phases of matter (liquid, solid, vapor). It features a large touchscreen with automated user controls, can be operated while wearing full PPE, and is built with an IP65-rated enclosure for harsh environments.

Patriot One Technologies - PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform
VWK9 LLC - Vapor Wake® Canines
Todd Research Ltd - TR15 +Smart Scan
Opgal - Therm-App
Radio Physics Solutions - MiRTLE

Counter Terrorism Education Project

sponsored by KNect365 Learning
Presented to an organisation or partnership which has developed and implemented measures to help combat the threat of radicalisation in educational or religious institutions.

Winner: TfL FORS - Counter Terrorism’ eLearning module

The use of commercial vehicles by terrorists poses a specific risk due to their size, weight and relative ease of acquisition compared to more sophisticated weapons. Transport for London (TfL) collaborated with a range of stakeholders to develop training, toolkits and standards. The outputs are embedded and mandated within Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), resulting in over 5,100 fleet operators developing Security and Counter Terrorism policies and over 36,000 drivers undertaking training to date.

University of St Andrews - Certificate in Terrorism Studies
Liverpool John Moores University - Counter-Terrorism Studies degree
Health Education England - e-LfH - Preventing Radicalisation (Mental Health)
Highfield e-learning / Counter Terrorism Policing

Counter Terror Policing Award

sponsored by Safetell
Recognising the efforts of the Police sector in combatting domestic terrorism through prevention strategies and operational excellence

Winner: West Midlands Counter Terror Unit

Birmingham Airport is one location where counter terrorism officers are based 24/7, monitoring the 13 million passengers who use it every year. Front-line teams are often tasked with stopping suspected terrorists leaving or intercepting extremists arriving in the UK. In 2018, six sentences are the culmination of two years of work across the country to recognise and understand the threat of far-right organisation National Action.

Police Scotland
North East CTU
CTP South East
West Midlands CTU
Counter Terrorism Command (SO15)
Counter Terrorism Policing North West

Transport Security Award

sponsored by the Transported Asset Protection Association
Recognising the efforts of private and public sector organisations and the technology which assists in increasing security at airports, ports and borders.

Winner: L3 Security & Detection - CV 2

CV 2 is an intelligent platform that integrates inspection technologies and security systems to transform customs enforcement and revenue collection operations. CV 2 allows integration of existing technologies and databases, regardless of manufacturer, into a seamless common operating picture. It is available across multiple industries, including ports and borders, aviation and rail.

Navtech Radar
Smiths Detection

Counter Terrorism Project (International)

sponsored by InformTech Plus
Presented to an overseas governmental organisation or public/private partnership which has developed and implemented an effective counter terrorism strategy or awareness campaign.

Winner: The Flemish Peace Institute for Project SAFTE

‘Studying the Acquisition of illicit Firearms by Terrorists in Europe’ was conducted by an international network of firearms experts. In-depth country studies were conducted in eight EU member states by research teams from the Flemish Peace Institute, SIPRI, SSSA, Arquebus
Solutions, Small Arms Survey and Bureau Bruinsma. The in-depth qualitative research methodology involved desk research and semi-structured interviews with key international actors and stakeholders such as Europol, EMPACT Firearms, Interpol, SEESAC and the Office of the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. The volume sheds light on how illegal firearms markets are structured in the EU and shows how terrorists access these.

US Department of Homeland Security - Soft Targets and Crowded Places
European Council on Foreign Relations - The southern front line: EU counter-terrorism cooperation with Tunisia and Morocco
RAND Europe - Tactical Approach to Counter Terrorists in Cities - (TACTICS)

Counter Terrorism Project (UK/Ireland)

sponsored by Dacha
Presented to a governmental organisation or public/private partnership which has developed and implemented an effective counter terrorism strategy or awareness campaign.

Winner: Police Scotland - Security Industry Safer Scotland (CT) Group

The Security Industry Safer Scotland (CT) Group aims to enhance the capacity and capability of the security industry to counter terrorism. A key success for the group has been the support given to Police Scotland in developing ‘You Can ACT’ - a bespoke CT training product aimed at the Security Industry. The product has been presented at UK conferences and fully supported by NaCTSO.

Counter Terrorism Policing - ACT for Sport
Survivors Against Terror
NaCTSO - Sixty Second Security (Protect and Prepare)
National Crime Agency - Project Kraken
Institute for Economics & Peace - Global Terrorism Index

Emergency Services Award

sponsored by BLÜCHER
Presented to an Emergency Service (Police, Fire, Ambulance) which has implemented and tested a strategy to cope with terrorist attack

Winner: Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue and North East Ambulance Service

A training exercise to test the response of emergency services to a terrorist attack on the Tyne and Wear Metro system was held in the early hours of Wednesday June 6, 2018. Led by Northumbria Police, it was seven months in the planning and involved North East Ambulance Service, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue, Newcastle City Council, Nexus (operators of the Metro), British Transport Police, Public Health England, Network Rail, Virgin Trains, Counter Terrorism Policing North East, NHS England North Cumbria and North East, along with other partners. The scenario saw the emergency services respond to an explosion on the Metro Station platform, with large numbers of NHS and Ambulance Service staff on hand to treat casualties. The exercise continued in a table-top capacity into the following days in order to fully test the ongoing recovery process which would be in place following the attack. This helped staff across Newcastle City Council develop a stronger understanding of their responsibilities and responses in such a situation.

Counter Terrorism Policing North East / Yorkshire Ambulance Service / West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service / North West Ambulance Service

Information Technology in Counter Terrorism

sponsored by Getac
This award recognises the project which makes best use of information technology to assist in counter terror strategy

Winner: Faculty - Propaganda detection tool

In conjunction with the Home Office, Faculty, formerly ASI Data Science, has developed a tool aimed at tackling extremist content on smaller platforms like Vimeo, Telegraph and pCloud, which have seen a large rise in Isis propaganda. Unlike previous algorithms that relied on a database of detected content, the classifier detects both old and previously unseen propaganda, and has been trained by analysing more than 1,000 Isis videos. it can automatically detect 94 per cent of propaganda with a 99.99 per cent success rate. If the platform were to process 1m randomly selected videos, only 50 would require additional human review, according to the Home Office.

Highfield eLearning - Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness
Visual Management Systems - TITAN AI Detect
Tech Against Terrorism

Perimeter Protection Award

Presented to the private sector organisation which has designed and/or installed physical security measures to protect buildings and individuals from terrorist attack

Winner: Navtech Radar - AdvanceGuard

The sensors on Navtech Radar’s AdvanceGuard perimeter surveillance system can detect movement up to 2km outside the site’s perimeter, identifying threats before the perimeter is breached or reporting suspicious behaviour, which then allows the security team to prevent breaches before they occur. It typically takes just two hours of training for a user to be able to operate the system effectively, which is being used in over 30 airports throughout the world as well as other complex compounds, such as the Litla-Hraun Prison in Iceland and the Medupi Power station, South Africa.

Marshalls Landscape Protection - Protective Street Furniture
Frontier Pitts - Forcible Attacked Security Gates
Townscape - PAS 68 Counter terror HVM Blocks
Heald - Matador 6

Physical Security Award

This award recognises a product which, as part of an overall design, provides effective physical security to protect against and mitigate the effects of a terrorist attack

Winner: ATG Access - Surface Guard system

The City of London approached ATG Access for advice on a temporary, pedestrian permeable solution for the Lord Mayor’s Show, which attracts over 50,000 visitors. Working alongside the Highways team, the Police and also the event organiser, the Surface Guard modular system was proposed as the most appropriate security measure and approved amongst stakeholders involved with the project. The system is easy to deploy, remove and can cope with existing street furniture items. An entire roadway can be secured in just over 30 minutes.

Integrated Designs - Fastlane Intelligates
Madico - SafetyShield
Townscape - PAS 68 Counter terror HVM Blocks
Hill & Smith Hardstaff Barriers

Cyber Security Award

Presented to an organisation which has developed effective technologies to protect against the threat of cyberterrorism

Winner: Visual Management Systems - Titan Secure

Titan Secure has been specifically developed to reduce or remove the risk of hacking and cyber attacks on surveillance networks. Developed to CPNI standards, as well as United States government NIST security standard, it offers a fully encrypted system that secures all digital communication between Titan Vision devices and components, maintaining the integrity of the surveillance system from the control device to the recorded data and all system communication pathways. This ensures the prevention of interference with CCTV footage; no disruption to surveillance, and; privacy and compliance with regulations. The system has been deployed in many Critical Infrastructure / Defence and Military Installations.

Surevine - Threatvine
APMG International - CDCAT
Pervade Software Ltd - Police Cyber Alarm™ / Response™

Awareness Campaign

Presented to a public or private sector organisation which has devised and delivered ans campaign which has increased awareness of a particular area of counter terrorism.

Winner: Counter Terrorism Policing UK - Communities Defeat Terrorism film

The 60-second film ‘Communities Defeat Terrorism’ outlines three scenarios in which a suspected terrorist is spotted by a member of the public planning for an attack, before signposting people to an online reporting tool. Launched in March 2018, it builds on previous ACT campaigns by explaining what constitutes suspicious behaviour and activity, following feedback from the public.

Kent Police Frontier Engagement Team- Rachel Marshall, Colin Maguire, Julie Howell, Dean Edwards and Nick Reed
Africa Security Forum - Reducing Radicalisation
Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)
Neighbourhood Watch - Terrorism campaign toolkit
TellMAMA - Measuring Anti Muslim Attacks

Best use of UAV Technology

sponsored by Elistair
Presented to the most innovative use of technology designed and developed for the purpose of protection against UAVs / hostile drones.

Winner: DeTect Inc for Dronewatcher

DeTect has been developing surveillance systems since 2003, delivering its first UAV system in 2007 to Boeing Corp. DroneWatcher consists of three technologies that can operate together to provide multi-layer security. DroneWatcherRF is able to detect out to 1-2 miles providing detailed information including drone type and ID. Fully mobile, it can be placed in a police vehicle. DroneWatcherWeb includes a database which records drone ID to support prosecution, while the DroneWatcherAPP turns an Android smartphone into a detector for consumer drones.

Flex Force Enterprises Inc. Dronebuster Block 3
Excelerate Group – eXstream
Coptrz - DJI AeroScope
Aaronia AG - AARTOS

CBRNE Product Award

Presented to the product which has the potential to to provide effective protection for emergency services and/or civilians against attack from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons.

Winner: Blücher - SARATOGA Protective Coverall

The SARATOGA® CBRN Protective Coverall is a lightweight one-piece suit developed for use in hot and humid climates. Originally developed together with the counter-terror unit of the German Federal Police, it provides protection against chemical warfare agents with enhanced aerosol protection and flames, especially in cases of terrorist attacks. Enhanced protection against radioactive particulate contamination is also a feature, reducing alpha radiation and significantly attenuating beta and gamma radiation. The highly air permeable system minimises heat stress and maximises wear time and mission capability.

SP Services - Parabags
Kromek Group plc - D3S wearable gamma-neutron detector
FLIR Systems- Fido X2

Communication Systems Award

This award recognises communication systems and their potential to assist organisations in both threat detection and post-terrorism communication between governmental and emergency service organisations

Winner: Excelerate Group - eXstream

During a crisis, a view from above is key for emergency response across a wide range of operational scenarios. UAVs capture high quality aerial imagery quickly, enabling the operator to see the full extent of an incident so that they can identify hazards from a safe distance. However, during a complex and evolving incident, real-time footage isn’t always accessible beyond the pilot. Portable and compact, Excelerate’s UAV Streamer resolves this problem by making real-time footage more accessible. By plugging into an existing UAV system, the solution streams live footage over public or private networks securely via Excelerate’s ExSteam Video Application, which brings multiple feeds together into one application. The server is capable of simultaneously displaying, recording, reviewing and exporting images, meaning that recording will not stop if the content needs to be reviewed at an incident. Footage can then be accessed securely at other viewing stations in the field, on smartphones, tablets, on-board a command & control unit or back at headquarters.

Frequentis AG - LifeX / ASGARD
Primetech - MultiNet communications system

Information Sharing Award

Recognising an organisation which has developed and introduced an effective information sharing strategy.

Winner: Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre for the JTIC 2018 World Attack Index

Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (JTIC) by IHS Markit is a structured, consistent and comprehensive database of open-source events related to non-state armed groups. It provides insight and analysis on global topics, going beyond events to explain the context and driving forces behind global unrest, insurgency, and terrorist activities. The exhaustive JTIC database covers more than 350,000 terrorist and insurgent events back to 2009 and is updated daily. Data is gathered from multiple sources and double source verified, with each event ranked for significance. Significant effort is made by JTIC analysts to verify the accuracy of reported events through detailed examining and cross-referencing of all available sources. A strong team of analysts consistently review records in the database.

EUROPOL - European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC)
Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) - Global Terrorism Index 2018

The Counter Terror Awards are supported by Counter Terror Business magazine in association with the Security and Counter Terror Expo