Lord Reid

John Reid

John Reid is one of most experienced Cabinet ministers of modern times.  He has held more ministerial posts at Cabinet level than any other politician in recent history.  In range of portfolios, and in breadth and intensity of change management across departments, his experience is unparalleled.

He has been at the centre of several major political developments of the Government. In particular, his expertise in the field of security issues is unparalleled, having served as Minister for the Armed Forces, Secretary of State for Defence, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and most recently as Home Secretary, the lead minister for domestic counter-terrorism. John Reid served as an elected MP for over 23 years and as a Government Minister for more than a decade of that period, stepping down of his own volition in June 2007.  His portfolio of posts included:

Minister of Defence (1997-1998); Minister for Transport (1998-1999); Secretary of State for Scotland (1999-2001); Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (2001-2002):  Party Chair and Minister without Portfolio (2002-2003); Leader of House of Commons and President of the Council (2003); Secretary of State for Health (2003-2005); Secretary of State for Defence (2005-2006); Home Secretary (2006-2007). He was nominated to the Upper Chamber in May 2010 and now serves in Parliament as a member of the House of Lords.