SeeQuestor: radically faster video intelligence

SeeQuestor is an integrated software and hardware toolset, designed to dramatically increase the speed at which police and security teams analyse video as part of investigations. It is a revolutionary solution for post-event analysis for law enforcement and security.

SeeQuestor supports analysts looking through large quantities of CCTV and other video data. The platform can convert the various formats of CCTV video into the industry-standard MPEG4. Then, SeeQuestor’s powerful video analytics detects all the movement, faces and people, and indexes each video to allow for fast review and search. This solution significantly enhances the speed at which analysts locate people of interest and find incriminating evidence in thousands of hours of video.

Based on cutting-edge British research, the platform has been designed in consultation with leading British Police teams who review video data 24/7, and it is being used by police forces on three continents to review thousands of hours of video data a day.

SeeQuestor has recently been widely recognised for its innovation and delivery:

  • Winner of the Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation;
  • Winner of the ADS Security Innovation Award
  • Awarded Secured by Design and Cyber Essentials status
  • Granted CHECK/GCHQ approval.

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