Transported Asset Protection Association

Transported Asset Protection Association

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that exists to help Manufacturers and Logistics Service Providers ensure the safety and security of their global supply chains.

TAPA was formed in 1997 and now has some 1,000 active member companies in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) regions. Its membership also includes other supply chain security stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, insurers and regulatory bodies.

TAPA’s mission is to minimise cargo losses from the supply chain, which in Europe alone account for annual losses of some €8.2 billion, according to a European Parliament study. The Association helps its members to achieve this through the development and application of global security standards, recognised industry practices, technology, training and education, benchmarking, regulatory collaboration, and the proactive identification of crime trends and supply chain security threats.

TAPA offers three supply chain Security Standards for facilities, trucking and secure parking. It also gives members access to its Incident Information Service (IIS), which produces incident alerts and provides a searchable database, and quarterly and annual reports to help companies understand and manage risk.

Today, TAPA is the leading international Supply Chain Security Expert Network. For more information, visit or